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The Home of Amateur Astronomy in Pembrokeshire

We are pleased to announce that we will be re-opening on Tuesday  5th October 2021 at 7pm at the Letterston Memorial Hall .  Details below. 




The Preseli Astronomy Group offers a warm welcome to anyone with an interest in astronomy.


After a difficult time we are re-opening with an observing session. Hopefully the sky will be clear you'll be able to see some of the wonders of the night sky through our telescopes. 

If the weather is unfavorable there will be a display of telescopes indoors along with an introduction to amateur astronomy.  

The indoor event will need to be 'COVID Secure' so please remember your mask. 


Observing Sessions

We hold monthly observing sessions using the group's own telescopes.   If you'd like to see some of the wonders of the Universe close-up, then come along. We meet at  Letterston Memorial Hall on the third Saturday of each month.  During the winter months the session will start a 7pm, but check with the Events Coordinator  for details. 

Events Coordinator       Richard Davies    Tel. 07817372988 


Tuesday 5th October 2021   7pm Letterston Memorial Hall  

All welcome

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